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Eating out in Ghent starts on dinner site. Here you will find extensive information on all restaurants.

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Hightea in Ghent: Choose a day and price for brunch or high tea in Ghent.

Restaurants with terrace: Dining in a garden or on a terrace in Ghent? We have created a special terrace guide.

Romantic restaurants: Romantic restaurants in Ghent, but not selected by us.
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Childfriendly restaurants: Many restaurants in Ghent offer additional facilities for (small) children On dinnersite a search page is made with options like: coloring, play corner, dvd, etc.. Childfriendly is also a d-public category.

Gluten free: Where can you eat Gluten Free in Ghent? Please take notice, some restaurants want to be notified beforehand!.

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Most popular restaurants: Which restaurants are best visited in Ghent? Below is a list of the most popular restaurants of Ghent based on dinnersite.be visits.

Trio's, Ghent
De Graslei, Ghent
Jan Van den Bon, Ghent
Pakhuis, Ghent
Bridge, Ghent
Cafe Theatre, Ghent
De 3 Biggetjes, Ghent
Publiek, Ghent
Vrijmoed, Ghent
Coeur d'Artichaut, Ghent
Horseele, Ghent
Kapittelhuis, Ghent
Grade, Ghent
De Gouden Klok, Ghent
Cafe Parti, Ghent
Witte Olifant, Ghent
Le Grand Bleu, Ghent
Carte Blanche, Ghent
't Boerenhof, Ghent
Rood, Ghent
Mineral, Ghent
Cassis, Ghent
Amadeus, Ghent
Belga Queen, Ghent
Le Homard Rouge, Ghent
De Groene Waaier, Ghent
Safi Safi, Ghent
Volta, Ghent
Korenlei Twee, Ghent
Brasserie Mistral, Ghent
Salons Carlos Quinto, Ghent
Lucifer, Ghent
Myconos, Ghent
Tiva, Ghent
Lekker Gec, Ghent
Central -Au Paris, Ghent
Domestica, Ghent
Tuin Van Eten, Ghent
Brasserie Deus, Ghent
Il Folletto, Ghent
Komkommertijd, Ghent
De Witte leeuw, Ghent
Wok a Way, Ghent
Faim de Toi, Ghent
La Malcontenta, Ghent
De Bijloke, Ghent
Oak, Ghent
Thalia, Ghent
Oude Vismijn, Ghent
Le Comptoir, Ghent
J.E.F., Ghent

All cuisines of restaurants in Ghent

Belgian restaurants (40)
French restaurants (36)
Vegetarian restaurants (27)
International restaurants (16)
Italian restaurants (12)
Brasseries (8)
Thai restaurants (5)
Greek restaurants (5)
Bistroes (4)
Asian restaurants (4)
Moroccan restaurants (4)
Seafood restaurants (4)
Chinese restaurants (3)
Tapas restaurants (3)
Grill restaurants (3)
Japanese restaurants (3)
Turkish restaurants (3)
Organic restaurants (3)
Mussel restaurants (2)
Wok restaurants (2)
Argentinian restaurants (2)
Spanish restaurants (2)
Indian restaurants (2)
Fusion restaurants (2)
Regional restaurants (2)
Modern European restaurants (2)
Flemish restaurants (1)
Fondue restaurants (1)
Pakistani restaurants (1)
Chilean restaurants (1)
Chicken restaurants (1)
Indonesian restaurants (1)
Brazilian restaurants (1)
Regional restaurants (1)
African restaurants (1)
General restaurants (1)
Mediterranean restaurants (1)
Street Food restaurants (1)
Mexican restaurants (1)
Crêperies (1)